Organic White Widow Preroll


Single preroll £2.5.00
10 pre-rolled joints £320.00


Organically Grown White Widow preroll

We are always thrilled when we get our hands on a classic strain!  The White Widow preroll strain is absolutely legendary.  She is a creation of Greenhouse seeds back in the 90’s.  They took a Brazilian indica and crossed it with a sativa from South India.  The result is an absolute exotic strain.  White Widow is a touch more sativa, being a 60 / 40 hybrid.  White widow strain actually one the High Times cannabis cup back in 1995.   This version was grown in living soil with all organic nutrients on the Sunshine Coast.


  • 0.5g pre rolled joint
  • bud covered in trichomes
  • ammonia scents with hints of pine
  • smooth, earthy smoke


  • mood uplifting
  • cerebral – heightened senses
  • creative


  • ADD
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Pain


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