Choice Growers – GG4 P/R UK


THC: 20.45% CBD: 0.5%
Strain: Gorilla Glue  | Plant Type: Sativa | Flavor Profile: lemon, cedar, peppery



Choice Growers – GG4 P/R UK

Buy Choice Growers – GG4 P/R UK Online. This Sativa dominant cannabis strain was cultivated in an indoor hydroponic system. Each bud is masterfully harvested, trimmed by hand, rack dried, and cured for a superior smoking experience. GG4 encompasses the aromas of chocolate and coffee with an earthy twist. Leading terpenes include limonene, alpha serene, and beta-caryophyllene.

THC: 20.45% CBD: 0.5%
Strain: Gorilla Glue  | Plant Type: Sativa | Flavor Profile: lemon, cedar, peppery


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