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Buy Tangie OG Wax UK

Buy Tangie OG Wax in UK, Our online store offers a premium selection of Tangie OG Wax that will provide you with an amazing citrus aroma and a euphoric yet relaxed experience.

Tangie OG Wax is another fantastic offering from DNA Genetics in Amsterdam that has quickly gained popularity around the world. This hybrid strain is a cross between California Orange and a Skunk hybrid, and its citrus heritage is the most evident in its refreshing tangerine aroma. As a plant, Tangie grows best outside, producing sticky buds that provide a balanced and long-lasting high.

At our online store, we take pride in offering only the best quality Tangie OG Wax to our customers. Whether you prefer to smoke or vape your Tangie OG Wax, we have you covered. Our Tangie OG Wax is grown and harvested with the utmost care, ensuring that you get the best possible experience.


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1g, 3.5g ('eighth' of an ounce), 7g ('quarter' of an ounce), 14g ('half' ounce), 28g (ounce)


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