Grape Ape Cartridge 1g


100% cannabis oil extract
DOSING THC: 97.68%

This high THC percentage packs a punch. Start with a tiny pull or two.

Attach to a standard vape pen battery. Take 1-3 inhales until desired effect is achieved.

HELPS WITH Anxiety, Appetite Stimulation, Arthritis, Mood, Stress


Buy APE 1g Cartridge UK- APE OG (IND)

Buy APE 1g Cartridge UK -Our Grape Ape is derived from an indoor garden that sits on the foothills of the Shasta Mountains. Users report a euphoric high that relaxes them from top to bottom. For those that enjoy the effects from any purple strain, this is highly recommended. Make sure you have finished all of your chores prior to partaking. Compatible with 510-threaded ccell batteries. Recommended with the Cali Heights


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