Blue Dream VAPE/Heavy Hitters



Blue Dream VAPE/Heavy Hitters UK

BetaCaryophyllene: 4.5mg/g | BetaMyrcene: 8.6mg/g | CBC: 1.03% | CBG: 2.41% | CBN: 0.71% | Limonene: 2.2mg/g | Linalool: 5.6mg/g | Terpinolene: 3mg/g | THC: 86.24% | THC9: 86.24% | THCV: 0.64% | TotalCannabinoids: 91.02% | TotalTerpenes: 24.6mg/g — Ultra pure, ultra potent. Heavy Hitters is made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC. Heavy Hitters’ Blue Dream is a hybrid with floral notes, finished with a cerebral, full-body high. Strain Type: Sativa Taste Like: Blueberry, Sweet, Pine Feels Like: Cerebral, full body high Good For: Pre games, late night hangouts, spa days Lineage: Blueberry Crossed With Haze Effect category: Aroused, Creative, Euphoric


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