Melon Gum (Hybrid) High Potency – 1G Cartridge


Melon Gum (Hybrid) High Potency – 1G Cartridge


About this product

Bloom Farms High Potency – The Best Value for High THC Cannabis Products in the UK

Bloom Farms High Potency line of cannabis products is perfect for those who prioritize potency and value. Made from high-quality cured material, these products boast a potency of 90-93% THC, as well as botanical terpenes that deliver a flavorful and satisfying experience. Available in both cartridge and all-in-one disposable options, High Potency is designed for the ultimate convenience and value. Whether you’re looking for heavy hits or tasty flavor,  Farms High Potency delivers it all at a killer price. Don’t settle for less – get the best value for your money with High Potency cannabis products, available now in the UK.


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