Buy Pre-Rolled Joints Online UK

Buy Pre-Rolled Joints Online
For those looking to avoid cannabis accessories and the fuss that goes into rolling a joint, 420 Cannabis UK offers these convenient alternatives. 420 Cannabis  Pre-rolled joints are curated from premium quality cannabis flowers. Choose Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid pre-rolled joints grown by Licensed Producers.


Pricing & ordering is very simple.

Step #1: Contact us

Step #2: Tell us the strain(s) & amount(s) you’d like to buy of each & place your order.

Step #3: You choose whether you’d like 0.5g or 1g joints.

Step #4: We’ll hand-pack your joints for free at no extra cost and ship them to you directly.


We start by hand selecting great-tasting cannabis flowers which have been grown, dried and cured properly.

Next, we use all-natural authentic RAW cones which are the gold standard in terms of natural, unbleached organic hemp papers.

When you place your order and select the flowers you’d like to purchase, we freshly grind the buds the same day we deliver them to you. Ensuring the joints are fresh and taste great when you receive them (nothing is pre-packaged – all joints are made custom to order).

Our goal is to provide a reliable & consistent product that tastes & burns good, every single time.


Yes, believe it or not, these are the flowers which will be used in your pre-rolls. We only use flowers, no trim or shake (and certainly no seeds or stems).

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