Bitcoin Payment

Crypto currency works in a similar way as exchanging GBP to EUR but in his case you do it
for cryptocurrency. So essentially you exchange your GBP to bitcoin or any other coin and
pay with that.

The instruction on how to setup the wallet is below:

So, the easiest way to get the wallet where you would keep your bitcoin would be to install
Coinomi wallet it’s very privacyoriented wallet and you can do it for either on
or your mobile phone from the Application store.

After you install it go into app and it will offer you to create the wallet.

There you should choose the coin you would like to pay with and it will be added to your

After that, Coinomi has built in service called Cyrpto (Simplex) from which using your
credit/debit card you can purchase crypto currency straight to your wallet. Or from this link
but please make sure you have added exact wallet address of the selected crypto currency as
in coinomi because if you have purchased it and used wrong address you wont be able to
recover it:
Alternatively, you could use this 3 minute video which will show you how to set up your
wallet properly:

And how to buy crypto currency to coinomi wallet (bitcoin example) :

How to send crypto currency from coinomi wallet (bitcoin example):

As soon as you get crypto currency to your wallet we suggest you to go to our web site in
the section How to pay with crypto currency and there is an instruction on what to do at
the checkout page 🙂

I know it might sound like a lot but after you do it once, it will be the same all the time